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Dell Inspiron 11z reviewed with high hopes, disappointing realities

Ross Miller

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Dell's 11.6-inch Inspiron 11z sure looks promising, with a sub-$500 price tag and an Intel Celeron 723 / non-Atom processor, but if you ask the gang at Notebook Review to describe it, it's unfortunately a pretty big letdown. Some minor issues with the body from the get-go, it's apparently got one of the worst touch pads the site's ever seen, and the 1.2GHz processor ended up underperforming compared to its Atom-based competition (although we gotta wonder how using Windows 7 instead of Vista might help here). There is some good here, with the GS45 chipset and X4500 graphics allowing for decent 3D performance and smooth 720p playback. Still, we can't help but have some hopes dashed here -- better luck next time, right? Hit up the read link for the full review, with video.

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