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Mysterious HTC Hero revision pics surface, angled chin now M.I.A.

Ross Miller

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It's not unusual for HTC to repackage the same phone in dramatic ways for different carriers (see Sprint Touch Pro vs. Verizon's vs AT&T Fuze), but the Hero that reportedly has is a pretty marked difference -- most notably a more conservative chin. Here's what we can glean from the admittedly bad machine translation: the outlet claims it's the Hero200 that the FCC just approved for CDMA bands, and while it certainly seems like a Hero variant one way or another, we have no proof that this is actually the same recently-approved version, nor have we seen what Sprint's Hero will actually look like. With all those caveats all the way, feel free to jump into the read link and enjoy a number of pictures up close and personal with the device.

[Via Cloned in China]

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