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Screen Grabs: Instinct HD captures evidence in NCIS: Los Angeles

Darren Murph
Screen Grabs chronicles the uses (and misuses) of real-world gadgets in today's movies and TV. Send in your sightings (with screen grab!) to screengrabs at engadget dt com.

It seems that LL Cool J is still too hip to be seen rockin' the latest and greatest from Samsung, but evidently Chris O'Donnell had no qualms doing the honors. The recently loosed Instinct HD was recently spotted handling all sorts of detective word on this week's episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, with the famed HD movie mode showing itself on a number of occasions. Truth be told, though -- we get how a guy of O'Donnell's affluence could swing $250 for a new featurephone, but is the average agent seriously in the same tax bracket?

[Thanks, Josh]