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PSP Go scores its first mod job, a handful of white LEDs find a new purpose in life


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Who knows what it is about the PSP that engenders such a loyal following of hackers -- both on the hardware and software side. Some of the hardware hacks we've seen are no doubt more impressive than others, but they're all united in a common disregard for warranties and for the most part a deep affection for LEDs. The first PSP Go mod we've seen, done up by roro3030 over at AcidMods, keeps things simple with some strategic, tasteful white LED placement. It's all internally powered and pretty seamless, and provides a nice jumping off point for a community that will be no-doubt eager to consume the PSP Go as a new challenge -- even if the rest of us are busy making frowny faces at that endlessly derided price tag. Video of the lit-up Go is after the break.

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