Microsoft Mobile Keyboard 6000, Comfort Desktop 5000 and LifeCam Cinema HD hands-on

Microsoft has a pretty good track record with its peripheral lineup, particularly when it comes to keyboards and mice, and it seems this latest crop is no exception. We got a quick look at the goods, and we'd say that new Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 (pictured) could find a place in our hearts with little trouble. It's deliciously thin, but feels closer to a regular Microsoft Comfort keyboard than just another transplanted laptop keyboard. Key presses are shallow, to be sure, but they feel much meatier than on Apple's keyboards, for instance. The Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 keyboard is less of a surprise, and we're not sure if we'd really find much use for those shortcut keys to taskbar icons, since they're all the way at the top of the keyboard, but it'd take some practice with the board to find out. Lastly, the LifeCam Cinema HD is a fairly nice bit of hardware design for a webcam. From the footage we were seeing, it's not going to make you loathe your laptop's built-in camera, but it's probably a fair step up in image quality. %Gallery-74952%