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Pentax's limited edition Korejanai K-x DSLR reminds us of Harlequin VW Golf

Darren Murph
You Yanks won't be getting your paws around this without a buddy in Japan ready and willing to ship it your way, but those camped out in the Land of the Rising Sun can soon jockey for an opportunity to grab the most colorful Pentax K-x DSLR of all time. The Korejanai K-x -- which was engineered by the same folks behind the 'Self Destruct Button' USB hub -- looks as if it had all of its panels painted a different hue, and as diehard lovers of the iconic 1996 Volkswagen Harlequin Golf, we can't help but drool here. Only 100 of these will be sold, and it'll be bundled with a matching Korejanai Robot Model. Of course, the camera itself is identical to the standard version save for the paint job, but somehow we're guessing you'll appreciate this one just a wee bit more. It's set to sell for ¥79,800 (around $880), with orders being accepted starting at 10AM JST on November 2nd. Best set your alarms, kids!

[Via Image-Acquire]