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MTube Android MID streams media to the TV and back via touchscreen (video)


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MTube, known most famously in these parts for its diminutive, WiMAX-sportin' media player, seems to be putting some time and effort into Android as of late. While the MTube II hybrid Android / XP / tablet / netbook has certainly inspired its share of techno-lust, the Android MID hits us where it counts: in front of the television. The unholy union of a handheld and a multimedia controller, this guy lets you drag and drop video from the device to your TV, stream media to the TV or vice versa, and transfer files between multiple MTubes -- all this in addition to the core functionality of the OS. Details are still scant: although we know it's rocking an ARM Processor, a 7.6-inch 800 x 480 capacitive touchscreen OLED, and Android 1.6, there's no word on storage or memory, or even how the video is streamed (we think that WiFi might be a good guess). As it stands, the thing is most certainly not ready for prime time (as becomes painfully obvious when the system crashes at 1 minute 45 seconds), but as a taste of things to come we're definitely intrigued. Peep the video after the break to see for yourself.

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