If you've been lusting after the various one-off SNES portable mods we've been posting 'lo these many years, this next item's all you: Yobo, a company known for its various game system clones and accessories, is now offering a little something called the FC 16 GO. A riff on Hyperkin's FC Mobile II (we're assuming they share an OEM) this guy accepts SNES cartridges for classic game play, and ups the display size to 3.5-inches to boot. Your hard-earned $60 gets you a device with a fully functional built-in joypad, TV outs and two wireless 2.4Ghz controllers. Powered by either a replaceable, rechargeable battery or the included AC adapter. Check out the video after the break to see what you've been missing.

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Yobo's handheld SNES gives your old carts a new lease on life (video)