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Google downsizes AndroLib's Android Market app count by a few grand

Chris Ziegler

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A stout 20,000 apps in the Android Market, eh? Not so much, according to none other than Google itself -- which, with all due respect to original counter AndroLib -- has a little more street cred here, especially when they're deflating the numbers rather than inflating them. A spokesperson for the company told us this afternoon that "there are currently more than 16,000 free and paid apps in Android Market" without specifying paid-to-free breakdown or differences among regional Markets, so we don't much basis for figuring out where Google's number comes from; we'd count it ourselves, but we've... uh, we've got dinner plans this evening. So until someone can conclusively prove otherwise, we're going to say that the Market has yet to crack the 20K mark in any region where the Market operates -- not to say you can't find a fair share of goodies among the 16,000 that are out there.

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