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LG eXpo goes on sale at AT&T, sans projector

Chris Ziegler

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Anyone looking for the highest-end Windows Mobile experience you can buy on AT&T, go ahead and form a line to the left, please, because your knight in shining armor has arrived. The LG eXpo -- complete with a Snapdragon core, 5 megapixel camera, 3.2-inch WVGA display, fingerprint scanner, QWERTY slide, and optional microprojector -- is now available, albeit at a $199.99 after-rebate, on-contract price that puts it pretty far into the realm of the high-power smartphone elite. The downside is that the aforementioned projector isn't yet available for purchase, which makes the whole package a little less compelling -- then again, that means you're walking out of the store with $179 that you wouldn't have otherwise had, so just look at your eXpo purchase as a fantastic money-making opportunity.

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