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Rumor: iPhone 3GS coming in 8GB size?

This morning's report from Electronista suggests that we may be seeing a slimmed-down capacity on the iPhone 3GS soon, taking over from the 8GB spot currently maintained by the $99 iPhone 3G holdover. A refurb buyer in Hamburg, Germany got a mixed-message box that contained the promised 3G phone but said "iPhone 3GS v2.2, 8GB." on the product label.

Packaging mix-up, or hint of things to come? Rumors were circulating of the 8GB 3GS back in early November, but didn't materialize. It may be another case of a stealth storage bump, which is exactly what happened back in 2008 with the 16GB units... so we'll keep an eye on those refurb pages and an ear to the ground.