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Logitech working on "ground-breaking" Android device according to job posting

Tim Stevens

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While we're all sitting around waiting on the Squeezebox Touch to break into the world of the officially released, it's nice to take a little time to ponder what the next round of media products from Logitech might look like. A clue (and a pretty big one) has been found in a job posting for an "Android Applications Developer" on a contract basis, looking for a "a super-star engineer" who has written "world-class Android applications" to work on "a ground-breaking new product that will give users access a to broader range of media than ever before." It could be anything, but given the extremely limited selection of apps we've seen implemented for the Radio we wouldn't be surprised if Logitech weren't going open source for its next offering in the segment -- but we certainly wouldn't turn down an Android-packing Harmony, either.

[Thanks, Elmar]

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