If you're in Europe, you'll have the option to buy an even bigger, more expensive, but less crazy God of War III box than the "Ultimate Trilogy Edition." An Amazon.fr listing for a God of War III PS3 bundle has been spotted, complete with very believable image. According to Amazon, it'll be available March 17 for €349.95 (roughly $490) and will include the game and a 250GB PS3.

A similar bundle will also be released for Heavy Rain on February 24 for the same price, according to Amazon France -- and wouldn't you know, the bundle box image is classier than the North American game box. There's also a supposed MAG bundle due out January 29, but Amazon just shows the bundle as a regular 250GB PS3 and a copy of MAG.

[Via Kotaku; thanks francisco dang!]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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