T-Mobile myTouch 3G '1.2' in the wild, Fender not the only one that can play this game

If you thought you'd have to submit to the reality of owning a faux woodgrain-themed myTouch to get in on that all-important 3.5mm headphone jack, think again -- the myTouch 3G "1.2" that's been making the rounds on the rumor circuit recently has just been snapped, it seems, and it's exactly what you'd expect: a Fender Limited Edition minus the Fender branding and with a return to the solid colored-shells of old. For most -- particularly those who don't believe in that loud, newfangled rock 'n roll -- this is probably a more sensible choice, and we'd argue it probably breathes enough life into the aging set to keep in on shelves for the better part of 2010.