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Northstream updates LTE experiences on TeliaSonera, looking a little better

Chris Ziegler

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Indeed, just as we said in our last look at the topic, the old adage of "your mileage may vary" most definitely applies here. Consulting firm Northstream has updated its first look at TeliaSonera's worlds-first commercial LTE network, emphasizing that it wasn't disappointed with performance at all -- they'd gotten a scant 12Mbps down previously (we're delighted to be able to call 12Mbps "scant," by the way), but further testing reveals that it's a little more complicated than that. Like any wide-area wireless network, performance is a voodoo formula of location, speed, network utilization, moon phase, and whether you're casting evil stares at the modem, and Northstream was able to see performance of around 25Mbps regularly with a few bursts up above 40Mbps. For a first-gen 4G network, that's more like it -- it's an encouraging sign both for TeliaSonera's customers and for folks looking forward to near-term LTE deployments around the world.

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