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Sony licenses 'official' PS3 external HDDs, doesn't fully comprehend concept of interoperability

Vlad Savov

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Hey there, why so glum? You've overfilled your PS3's internal storage with mission-critical data and don't have anywhere else to stash your incoming Best of Miley Cyrus compilation? Fear not, Sony's got you covered with a pair of officially licensed external HDDs built by Buffalo. They look remarkably similar to standard issue USB portable drives -- so much so in fact that one of them is a rebadged unit that Buffalo already retails in the US -- but let's not nitpick here. The two drives on offer come with a generous 500GB of storage and their prices aren't too bad with the rebadge setting you back around $130 while the more stylish HD-AV500U2 above will cost around $168. You could of course ignore Sony, buy any drive you like and jack it into your PS3; it's just that these aren't too terrible as far as unnecessarily licensed peripherals go. Both drives will be hitting Japan in March to coincide with the Torne DVR adapter release.

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