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Toshiba K01 hands-on


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Toshiba's K01 is exactly what we would've liked to have seen as a complementary set to the TG01. Happily, Toshiba's given us a QWERTY option with the new model, added capacitive touch, and swapped out the earlier display for a swanky new AMOLED version. Key feel is a bit rough on the outside keys -- shift, delete, enter -- but this device still isn't final, and with all that real estate, the layout feels just great. In fact, the devices being shown on the floor are just looping a demo video and not really showing off the UI as seen above; we couldn't get any film of it, so the pics we got will have to suffice. We like what they've done here -- in fact, this could make an excellent day to day set if battery life proves good enough. We also can't help but notice the three buttons (soft touch) across the bottom that could quite easily be skinned for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Series, could they not? A bunch of pics are just below.

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