We know 3D isn't for everyone, but if you've got your heart set on jumping that bandwagon nice and early, here's a review for you. The folks over at Tom's Guide have sat down with 23-inch 3D displays from Acer (GD235HZ) and Alienware (OptX AW2310) and sought to figure which one offers the better gaming experience. After some sobering notes about the need for a high end system to run 3D games -- NVIDIA's 3D Vision solution renders each scene twice, meaning you'll need as much power to drive one 3D screen as you would a dual-monitor setup -- they delve right into some benchmarking and real world testing. The key differentiator between the two panels is in the price, with the GD235HZ costing $399 and the AW2310 asking for a steeper $469, though on balance it was felt that the Alienware justified its premium with a superior feature set and better overall performance. Hit the source for the full verdict.

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