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ASUS' ultra-thin RT-N56U router reflects on its CeBIT display

Ross Miller

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Frankly, it's not at all easy finding the new goodies at ASUS' CeBIT booth, but luckily we managed to catch word of this crazy spectacle of a router. Introducing, dear reader, the RT-N56U. It supports 802.11a/b/g/n, dual band support, 3G HSDPA USB dongles, printers and HDDs (via USB). Input methods include Two USB ports, four Gigabit LAN and one Gigabit WAN... no wait, this is impressive but inconsequential. It's just really, really thin -- and that's all that matters here, right? It's also quite reflective; just imagine trying to take a picture of a mirror behind a foggy window, and you'll understand our pain with product photography today. No details on price or release date. Video after the break.

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