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iPad roundup: Letterman licking, Colbert chopping, MobileMe and Remote support

Vlad Savov

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Let's get straight to the meat. The iPad was doing the talk show rounds last night, with heavy hitters David Letterman and Stephen Colbert one-upping each other on who can do the sillier thing with it. Letterman went with the old school "if you don't know what to do with it, lick it" routine, while his competitor brought out a more sophisticated salsa preparation act. Pick your favorite from the videos after the break. In more material news, Apple has announced that MobileMe now includes the iPad among its supported devices, while some eager souls over at MacStories have spotted that iTunes 9.1 now references an "iPad remote," which suggests the nearly 10-inch tablet will soon be able to function as one of the most luxurious channel changers around. And you thought you wouldn't find a use for it.

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