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Keepin' it real fake: Nexus One clone spotted running iPhoney OS


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Well, here's a bit of an extra special KIRF to start the week on the right note. Not only one of the first Nexus One clones we've seen (HTC Desire aside), but a Nexus One clone running some sort of reasonably faithful imitation of iPhone OS (or the iPhone OS home screen, at least). Of course, considering the 550 yuan price tag (or about $80), you likely won't find a Snapdragon at the heart of this one, and you'll have to make do with a slightly smaller 3.2-inch screen compared to the real deal, along with an actual trackball instead of an optical trackpad. Not much more than that go on at the moment, unfortunately, but there are more blurry pictures where this one came from at the link below.

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