Just when you thought your masterful Zerg Rushes couldn't get any more social -- you are reaching out and obliterating someone, after all -- Blizzard has announced that the new Battle.net and StarCraft 2 will soon sport Facebook features. The only feature mentioned in the announcement, however, is the ability to add StarCraft playing Facebook friends to your Battle.net friends list. The new feature will be added to the StarCraft 2 beta in "the near future" and should be available to all players when the full game hits retail this July.

It's worth noting that the press release refers to the friend finding feature as "the first step in integration," so it sounds like there will be more Facebook features added over time. As long as we're not flooded with status updates every time someone gets "pwned," we're all for it.

[Via Big Download]

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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