Mortal Online is on track for their June 9th release date -- the dev team has further confirmed that by updating their site with a countdown timer and a list of goodies for enthusiastic fans.

There's now a fansite kit for those of you who are inclined to make such a thing, a new lore section, and several announcements of things upcoming. Before launch, the forums, EULA, TOS, and naming policy will all get an overhaul. Finally, they've added a hiring announcement to the site -- Star Vault is looking for a Project Manager, a Senior Programmer, and Graphic Artists. Check out the jobs page for contact information.

One warning when you go to see all this: the new front page is set up for high resolution and does not allow scrolling. If you're running something smaller than 1600x900 you'll have to zoom out to see enough of the front page to navigate any farther.

Mortal Online is available for pre-order now.

This article was originally published on Massively.
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