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iPhone 4 launch day at AT&T stores: 7AM opening, awesome t-shirts confirmed

Chris Ziegler

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What you're looking at here, folks, is the extreme wardrobe you can expect to see when you waltz into a corporate-owned AT&T retail location on the iPhone 4's launch day later this month -- and even better, casual pants and footwear may be worn if approved! On a more serious note, though, this launch packet we've received confirms that stores will be opening on 7AM on the 24th and that new AT&T customers will be restricted to a maximum of one device (the same restriction applies to the new 8GB 3GS) and current customers will only be able to buy one phone per active line of service. Oh, and if you're going to a store that sells U-verse service, expect a pitch. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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