In the past 12 hours, we've begun hearing from readers who have gotten shipping notifications on their iPhone 4 orders. Keep in mind, just as with past overnight shipments of iThings, the shippers are scheduled to hold the phones for delivery so that they don't arrive before June 24.

Meanwhile, a long thread over on the MacRumors forums cites the trials and tribulations of some would-be iPhone 4 buyers who had their preorders cancelled unexpectedly. It's not clear exactly what circumstances led to the cancellations. In some cases, it may have been a missed checkbox on the order form agreeing to AT&T's terms and conditions; in others, it may be a complex billing situation (family or corporate plan, an unpaid invoice) that caused the carrier to flag the order for in-store handling.

Is your iPhone on its way to you already? Let us know below.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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