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HyperMac Stand doubles as an external battery for your iPad


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Why settle for a separate iPad stand and external battery when you can have both in one device? Why indeed. That's the thinking from the folks at Sanho at least, who have just rolled-out the first-of-its-kind HyperMac Stand. It packs two slots that can hold your iPad at either an 18 or 45-degree angle (with or without a case), and a built-in 40-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery that promises to extend your battery life by a full 16 hours. Of course, that combination does make this one of the more expensive iPad stands around at $129.95, but that's not exactly too out of line when compared to a standalone HyperMac battery. Head on past the break for the complete press release.

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HyperMac Stand - The First And Only iPad Stand With Built-In Battery Pack
Pocket Sized Stand Holds And Charges iPad At The Same Time, Extends Battery Life By Extra 16 Hours

07.26.2010 – SUNNYVALE, California - Sanho Corporation, the company behind the award-winning HyperMac battery packs for Apple MacBook, iPad and iPhone today announce the availability of HyperMac Stand, the world's first and only iPad stand with a built-in battery pack, providing up to 16 hours of additional battery life to the iPad.

HyperMac Stand incorporates 2 slots to hold the iPad at either 18 or 45 degrees, in portrait or landscape positions. The slots are specially treated with a soft touch coating to protect the iPad from scuffs and designed to work with both an encased or bare iPad.

Featuring a built-in 40-watt-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery (compared to iPad's internal 25-watt-hour battery), the HyperMac Stand is capable of extending the iPad battery life by an additional 16 hours, delivering power to the iPad via a 10W USB port. The HyperMac Stand itself can be recharged via a standard mini USB cable and supports pass-through charging/syncing so that the iPad can charge/sync with the computer even when it is connected via the HyperMac Stand. Users can check the HyperMac Stand battery level anytime with the built-in 5-stage lighted LED indicator.

"Most iPad stands in the market are either bulky or heavy or both, necessary characteristics to ensure that the not so tiny iPad can be properly supported," states Daniel Chin, President of Sanho Corporation. "HyperMac Stand makes clever use of the natural weight of the lithium-ion battery cells to provide added stability," he adds. "The end result is one of the most compact pocket-sized iPad stand available in the market with unsurpassed stability," he continues. "Whatever little weight (12.7oz / 360g) the user have to carry is actually useful power to extend the iPad battery life by 1.5 times," he concludes.

HyperMac batteries use the same high-end lithium ion cells and components that are supplied to the U.S. military, providing the utmost reliability, safety and performance. It is rechargeable up to 1,000 times and comes with a one year warranty

The HyperMac Stand is now available at for $129.95.

iPad Slots: 2 rubberized slots that holds iPad at 18° and 45°, portrait and landscape, case and no case
Capacity: 40Wh (11,000mAh)
Battery Chemistry: Lithium Ion
iPad Battery Life: Up to additional 16 hours
Dimensions: 6.02" x 4.21" x 1.14" (153 x 107 x 29mm)
Weight: 12.7oz (360g)
Input Power (Charging the HyperMac Stand): 10W Mini USB 5V (2.1A Max)
Output Power (Powering the iPad): 10W USB 5V (2.1A Max)

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