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iPhone 4 pre-orders about to begin in South Korea

Dave Caolo , @davidcaolo

The iPhone 3G sold tremendously well in South Korea, and now distributor KT Corporation is hoping the latest model will do the same when pre-orders begin on Wednesday. "We hope the iPhone 4 will draw a hot response from clients as the iPhone 3 did," a KT Corp. rep said on Monday, noting that the iPhone 4 should be available in South Korea in September.

When iPhone 3G pre-sales began in South Korea, KT Corp. received approximately 65,000 pre-orders. On the day of release, customers had been lined up as early as 26 hours in advance and were rewarded with balloons and a live band.

Apple has sold more than 850,000 iPhones in South Korea since the 3GS went on sale in November of '09. Above is a television ad that ran prior to the iPhone 3G's release.

[Via MacDailyNews]

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