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Canon's PowerShot S95 gets reviewed, found to be worthy S90-successor


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Canon's PowerShot S90 managed to attract a considerable fan base with some stellar image quality and professional-level features, but it did have a few drawbacks -- most notably a lack of HD video that's hard to overlook these days. The new and improved PowerShot S95 promises to address that and other complaints, however, and according to PhotographyBlog, it succeeds on most counts. Not only does the camera maintain the same high image quality as its predecessor, but it offers some added flexibility with an improved lens Control Ring, improved image stabilization, a new HDR mode and, last but not least, 720p video recording. Despite those newfound HD capabilities, however, video still seems to be this camera's main shortcoming, as you'll have to make do without autofocus or optical zoom during recording. That wasn't enough to prevent it from getting a 4.5 out of 5 rating from Photography Blog, though -- hit up the link below for the site's full review.

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