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It's Monday, and we know that getting the week started can be tough. We're here to help by letting you peek into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to tape at 5:30 pm. Think of it as a kind of time machine that will help you power through your day by reviewing what happened in the week HD-wise. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.
Monday Night Football gets a few new wrinkles for 2010, like 5.1 audio, super slow motion and more (video)
DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go floods mobile app stores everywhere
Poll: How does NFL RedZone compare to DirecTV's NFL Sunday Ticket?
Boxee Box ditches NVIDIA's Tegra 2 for Intel CE4100, pre-orders start today at $199
Intel CEO reveals Google TV launch is this month, explains McAfee purchase
Motorola announces NYXboard QWERTY remote, super capacitor-based NYXgreen
Panasonic announces AF105 Micro Four Thirds camcorder, interchangeable lenses not included
Sandisk, NDS showing off SSD-based 16GB DVRs
Microsoft, SRS team up on surround sound for Silverlight, will this finally bring 5.1 to Netflix?
LG's THX-certified PX950 3D plasma TV eyes-on
Disney makes Alice in Wonderland, Bolt Blu-ray 3D discs Sony exclusives this winter
Toy Story 3 Blu-ray listed on Amazon for December 10, could it be 3D?
Nielsen survey shows high interest in 3DTV, low interest in paying for it right now

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