Personally, I consider Apple's Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard to be one of the sexiest input devices around. I've even replaced my Logitech DiNovo Edge (you may recall seeing it before) with one. Now, Combine Collective has upped the ante with a peripheral for your peripheral, which -- in the right surroundings -- is guaranteed to make this classy keyboard even classier.

These carved Black Walnut keyboard trays come in three flavors, each holding a different combination of wireless devices. The largest holds your Apple Wireless Keyboard, Apple Remote, and Magic Trackpad, all sheathed in smooth, dark wood. In a cubicle with bad carpet, it might stand out like an eyesore, but on the right desk... well, I probably get more excited than I should about interior decoration. Still, I want one.

The prices are probably what you'd expect for executive-office-looking wares: US$69 for the small (Wireless Keyboard only), $74 for the medium (keyboard and Magic Trackpad), and $79 for the aforementioned large version. Feeling extravagant? Wander on over to the Combine Collective site.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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