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Denon RCD-N7 loves a wireless party, AirPlay too after $49 update


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Denon's got the Apple AirPlay bug and bad. The company was showing off several AirPlay compatible 2010 receivers (models ending with "11") at the CEDIA show last week including this new RCD-N7 CD jobbie. The $599 unit coupled with a pair of $199 SC-N7 speakers features an iPhone dock (or USB jack) for local music sourcing. Otherwise, it'll stream audio from the likes of Rhapsody, Napster, Pandora and Better yet, the receiver also features a Party Mode Plus setting for a five-system multi-zone setup scattered throughout the home, all managed by Denon's new iPod / iPhone / iPad Remote App. Look for it to hit shelves in October along side Denon's $49 AirPlay update. That's right, it's no freebie -- an unfortunate precedent for anyone hoping to update their existing audio gear.

Update: Denon let us know that the AirPlay update will be free to new and existing owners from October 15th to November 7th.

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