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HP Envy 15 and Envy 14 with Radiance display no longer available through HP, new CPUs ease the sting

Joanna Stern

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Well, this is depressing. Earlier today we were tipped off on disappearance of the Envy 15 on HP's site, and according to the company it'll no longer be available through HP. Obviously, you can still snatch up the 15.6-inch version of HP's magnesium alloy rig through other e-tailers, but there's no telling how long they'll be in stock. The vanishing of the Envy 15 happens to make a lot of sense with the introduction of the Envy 14, but there's also something fishy going on with that one. The machine, which we do love so, doesn't have an option to be configured with HP's brighter Radiance panel any longer. HP wouldn't comment on future plans, but did confirm that the Radiance panel is no longer available on the 14. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground for further updates, but it's on you to bring the tissues next time.

Though it's little consolation for nature-loving outdoor laptop enthusiasts, there is a silver lining in this cloud -- the Envy 14's now showing a new set of powerful CPU options, up to and including that 2.66GHz Core i5-580M we've been lusting after for months.

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