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PS3 and Lovefilm make it official, streaming movies to consoles in the UK this November (updated)

Vlad Savov

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Considering our leak a couple of days back came directly from Sony itself, this is hardly a suprise, but Eurogamer has done the diligent thing and managed to confirm with the dudes in suits that British film streaming service Lovefilm will indeed be coming to the PlayStation 3. The everything console is adding the UK answer to Netflix to its stable of software enhancements, which will let people buy pay-per-view movies or, provided they're on Lovefilm's £5.99 subscription or above, let them stream away without a care in the world. Oh, and the video ad that got pulled? We've now got it for you after the break.

Update: Electric Pig have been told that the PPV option will be left off the table for console streamers.

Update 2: Lovefilm has gotten in touch with us directly to say the service is rolling out this November.

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