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Ben Heck constructs military-grade, self-contained PlayStation 3 suitcase (video)

Darren Murph

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If you caught the latest episode of The Ben Heck Show, then you no doubt saw this era's modding mastermind piece together a PS3 console suitable for use in the wilds of Afghanistan. The military-grade portable gaming system was designed and built for a couple working with the military overseas, and it's Pelican's iM2600 Store Case there on the outside keeping things safe and secure from flying shrapnel. As Ben always does, he managed to carefully place an entire PS3 console deep within the confines of the enclosure, and he even threw in an integrated LCD into the lid to prevent any additional external hookups. Generator equals gametime, as they say. Head on past the break for the latest episode, which shows the play-by-play on how it was constructed.

Update: Turns out the folks that Ben built this case for are now taking matters into their own hands. Currently based in Afghanistan, Erica and Kris have founded Rugged Outdoor Gaming Units, Etc (R.O.G.U.E.) in order to build and sell similar hardcore gaming enclosures, or PeliStations. They're aiming for an early spring release, and we'll definitely be keeping an eye on them.

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