Boxwave Keyboard CaseLove that new iPhone you got for Christmas, but miss the full QWERTY keyboard from your old BlackBerry? Feel like the iPhone should be a lot bigger than it is? You're in luck -- Boxwave has released their Keyboard Buddy Case, which is both, ... well, a slide-out keyboard and a case for your iPhone. The case doubles the size of your phone due to the Bluetooth slide-out QWERTY keyboard, which comes complete with a top row of numbers as well as Home and Spotlight search buttons. The Bluetooth-linked keyboard/case charges via USB and has a battery life of about 45 days. That's not too shabby at all.

We have seen some bulky iPhone cases in the past along with some different add-on keyboards, but this implementation seems to be pretty slick. For wanna-be Apple customers, like a friend of mine who refuses to switch to an iPhone because she doesn't think she could possibly use the virtual keyboard, something like this could be a nice compromise. Like the rest of us have done, they will eventually get used to virtual typing, but products like the Keyboard Buddy Case could act as a bridge to bring a few more BlackBerry users over to the iPhone side.

The Keyboard Buddy Case is currently available on sale for US$69.95 (regularly $79.95) with free shipping from

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This article was originally published on Tuaw.