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Black & Decker's iShred vertical paper shredder (hands-on)

Vlad Savov

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We don't typically take an interest in the thrilling world of paper shredding, but when you bring out a product with a snowy white glossy sheen and a bodacious industrial design, even our cold hearts are warmed enough to ask a few questions. Black & Decker, traditionally a power tool maker and seller, has recently introduced the iShred (yes, we gave them grief for the cringe-inducing name) vertical shredder, which they claim is just about the world's safest since there's no way to get your fingers anywhere near the cutting blades. The big appeal for buyers will be that rather attractive design, however, which does offer some added functionality -- the "fluted" shape of the lower half of this shredder helps disposal by funneling the loose streams of paper into a narrow outlet (when flipped upside down, of course). The price is $99.99 at places like Amazon and Fry's, who are already retailing the iShred. If you care for actual specs, you can cross-cut your way through six sheets of paper at a time and you'll have to empty out the collector once it's accumulated about 100 pages' worth of pulp. Check out our brave attempts to cut our fingers in the name of scientific testing after the break.

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