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ID8 Mobile's Bluetooth tablet accessories include business card-shaped headsets and handsets

Chris Ziegler
The MoGo product line is all about making normally-thick Bluetooth accessories insanely thin, and the trend continues with a couple new ones targeted at tablets and scheduled for launch in the second quarter. We had a chance this week to check out hand-built prototypes of a speakerphone / handset and headset with charging case, both designed to be thin and small enough to fit into the business card holder built into a tablet case. The speakerphone is pretty clever: set it on a table, it's a speakerphone, hold it to your face and it becomes a tiny handset appropriate for holding private calls through the telephony services on your tab (or Tab, as the case may be). The headset, meanwhile, fits in a vanity-style case -- also designed to stow away in a business card holder -- but the real magic here is that the case doubles as a battery that charges the headset when it's docked. Perfect for Skype, eh?

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