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MetroPCS finally prepping Android smartphone with LTE from Samsung?

Chris Ziegler

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LTE's great... but only if it's got phones and modems that can take advantage of it. Though MetroPCS beat Verizon to become the first American carrier to launch the technology, it's been scraping by so far with nothing other than the Samsung Craft, a middling dumbphone without the chops to attract the powerusers that would normally want to be involved with a 4G network anyway. Looks like that's finally about to change, though, because BGR's scored a shot of a so-called SCH-R910 -- also from Samsung -- that's running Android 2.2. It'll allegedly have backward compatibility with MetroPCS' CDMA network (naturally) along with a 1GHz Hummingbird core and 5 megapixel camera -- not a blockbuster by any stretch, but still on a whole new plane than the Craft. Rumor has it we'll see this before the end of March for somewhere between $330 and $400 contract-free; question is, will it beat Big Red's first LTE phones to market?

Via: PhoneArena
Source: BGR
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