Next Tuesday, Activision will launch the "First Strike" of what CFO Thomas Tippl has called the company's "largest digital offering ever" of Call of Duty DLC in a single year. This first Black Ops map pack will be exclusive to Xbox Live, beginning February 1, for a limited time and will include four competitive multiplayer maps -- "Berlin Wall," "Discovery," "Kowloon" (pictured) and "Stadium" -- along with the Zombies mode map "Ascension."

For Xbox Live players, that means one last weeked with the same old maps, a prime opportunity for Activision to toss another pitch for next week's DLC (priced at $15). In the gallery below, you'll find the first screenshots of the map pack (with bonus zombie poster), and after the break you can catch an in-depth video preview of the new competitive maps, produced by Inside Xbox. Did you know that Kowloon is known as a "rule-breaker map?" Ohhh ... so that's where all those pirates got shipped off to, eh?

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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