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DARPA working with Local Motors to crowdsource next-generation combat vehicles

Tim Stevens

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A next-gen Hummer isn't going to build itself, and these days we can't trust our government bodies to come up with all the cool ideas. DARPA is looking for some help, and if you're feeling up to it that can be you. Our favorite Advanced Research Progects Agency has selected a chassis from crowdsource car designers Local Motors (the same one found inside the company's Rally Fighter) and is asking civilians of all shapes and sizes to figure out what shape and size the Experimental Crowd-Derived Combat-Support Vehicle will be. Sure, XC2V doesn't quite roll off the tongue like "Flying Humvee," but it sure does sound a lot more practical. If you want to have your say (and a chance at the $7,500 prize) you'd better hurry up, because submissions are due by March 3rd. Sadly, designs drawn in Crayon on the back of homework are not eligible, otherwise you'd all be fighting for second place.

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