CNET reports that more iAds are starting to appear on the iPad platform. Apple released an iAd for the magical and revolutionary tablet last year featuring the Tron movie, but since then, we haven't seen a lot of traffic in iAd impressions on the platform. That's now changed; a new ad for Unilever features NCAA branding and offers video of basketball stars, daily March Madness schedules and even a trivia game to play. Apple has reportedly promised more iAds to come.

It may seem silly to be so excited about an ad, but given the troubles that the iAd program has had lately, it's good to see Apple making some headway in providing its "premium mobile advertising platform." Looks like the recent changes to minimum buy, along with the rising popularity of the iPad and its second version, have seen business pick up a bit.

[via MacStories]

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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