Firefox 4 is officially released, how are you liking it?
Enterprising readers have probably been rocking the four-point-oh release of Firefox since it slipped out a little early last night, but now you can get yourself that same, fully-legit version from a new, fully-legit address. The browser's live and, as you can see from the rolling download counter Mozilla has set up, a couple-hundred-thousand of you have already got it going on. So, what are your thoughts? Let your voice be heard in the poll and comments below.
Are you enjoying Firefox 4?
Yes. It's one more than Firefox 3, isn't it?16725 (37.3%)
Nah, I'm cool with 3.whatever for now.2581 (5.8%)
Why Firefox when you can Chrome/Safari/IE9/Lynx?14793 (33.0%)
Just clickin' because it feels so good.10769 (24.0%)

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