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Chumby 8 gets reviewed, dubbed 'best and biggest Chumby yet'


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The Chumby has never exactly been a device for everyone, and that's not likely to change with the new Chumby 8 that's recently started shipping. Those that do want a Chumby, however, aren't likely to be disappointed by the new 8-inch model. According to CNET's review of the device, the Chumby 8 is simply the "best and biggest Chumby yet," with the larger display and additional USB ports making it better suited for use as a photo frame or media player, while the plethora of apps available make it as versatile as ever. Of course, it is still a Chumby, which CNET notes makes for an increasingly difficult sell in a world filled with tablets, smartphones, and widget-filled TVs. Hit up the source link below for the full review.

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