Sony keeps OLED hope alive with 'budget' monitor line (video)

Sony Trimaster EL PVM-1741
It was just two short months ago that Sony had us drooling over its latest OLED monitors. But, at the double-take-inspiring price of $16,000, its safe to assume the company isn't moving too many of these professional-level displays. For film and TV production companies turned off by the high-priced BVM line, Sony has announced the PVM-2541 and PVM-1741, which arrive at less than a third of the cost. The 25-inch and 17-inch screens (we're sure you can guess which is which) will retail for $7,400 and $4,900, respectively, while boasting the same 1080p, "Super Top Emission" panels (explained in the lengthy video after the break) and 10-bit drivers of their more expensive cousins. The one trade off is the significantly smaller, 89-degree viewing angle. Good thing movie editors are used to huddling uncomfortably close together.

Sony Trimaster EL PVM-2541