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PCTV's Broadway 2T streams TV to your iPad when you're outside the Old Country


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We've seen apps that ensure you don't miss the next episode of Jersey Shore, but with the exception of Sling's, there aren't many that stream TV to a mobile device. PCTV's new Broadway 2T does that -- but with a boatload of caveats. The box's built-in Freeview tuner will let you watch your shows over WiFi or 3G from anywhere in the world, but it'll only pick up over-the-air broadcasts from regions using the DVB-T standard (read: not in the US). It also comes with composite cables, which are perfect for setting up a security camera rig, but a deal-breaker for the majority of geeks who own a high-def set. The 2T streams video through the browser, so it works over Wi-Fi and 3G with Mac, PC, and Apple's mobile Safari browser, with Android support coming sometime in the second quarter. No word yet on availability, though it's up for preorder on PCTV's site for €199 ($287.14) if you can't live without your EPL matches while traveling away from your European villa.

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Access your favourite TV shows LIVE through your iPhone and iPad, from anywhere in the world

Special offers available exclusively at Scan Computers' Stand No. G1 at The Gadget Show LIVE 2011

London 12 April 2011- PCTV Systems, a division of Hauppauge Digital Inc, will be launching its new Broadway 2T at the Gadget Show LIVE in Birmingham (April 13th to 17th).

The Broadway allows you to redirect your home TV and personal video content to your iPhone, iPad, netbook, notebook or Mac computer anywhere in the world. When mobile, your TV and content is accessed via your web browser. No third party apps or additional purchases are needed.

Yehia Oweiss, Hauppauge Digital's Vice President of Sales EMEA says: "We have designed the Broadway 2T to be easy to use. It directs your home TV or other connected video signals LIVE from YOUR home to your iPhone or iPad device that can access an internet browser, anywhere in the world," continued Oweiss. "Connect the Broadway to a good TV source at your home and take that digital picture quality anywhere (via 3G or WiFi). Whether you are in a café in Paris or in the departure hall in Las Vegas, your home TV is always with you. This brings a whole new dimension to the personal TV experience."

The Broadway 2T offers an environmental advantage, because it does not need to be connected to a PC. The Broadway is 802.11n wireless and features two built-in Dual DVB-T tuners to provide direct access to the device from your iPhone, iPad or mobile device via the web browser. In addition, the latest H.264 codecs ensure it is less demanding on the battery life of your mobile device.

The Broadway 2T has an SRP of £229 inc. VAT but can be purchased exclusively from Scan Computers, Stand No. G1, at the Gadget Show LIVE for a special show price of £159.99 inc. VAT. Limited stock available.

Bridging the Gap between TV and the Internet

Connect wirelessly.
Send Live-TV or video signal feeds via internet to host device.
Sophisticated MPEG-4 H.264 hardware compression.
Integrated 802.11n WLAN for wireless streaming of television signals to host device.
No additional software (app) required – including iPod and iPad.
Control your home content; schedule recordings, play pre-recorded content.
Audio/Video input to turn iPad or iPhone into remote surveillance solution by connecting analog camera.
Android Smart Phones and Tablet support in Q2 2011.

Source: NotifyMDM
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