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HDHomeRun Prime TV tuner passes CableLabs tests - Update: Preorder pulled, 6-tuner ships first
Dish Network, EchoStar will pay TiVo $500 million to settle DVR lawsuit
TiVo Premiere App for iPad gets modest update
HBO Go mobile app hands-on (video)
NFL Mobile apps bring the draft to you live tonight on iPhone, iPad and Android
Plex plays nice with your Honeycomb slate after app update
Epix brings its thousands of movies to Google TV; apps for Android, Roku and Playbook on the way
Logitech's 'disappointing' Q4 results not helped by poor Revue sales; will cut price to $249
DirecTV asks its customers what they like so much about Netflix, could launch competitor
ESPN X Games 17 returns with more than double the 3D coverage, takes rally racing to the streets
Sony promises 'phased restoration' of PlayStation Network and Qriocity starting this week
Hulu Plus on Xbox 360 launches tomorrow, all members get a free week thanks to beef jerky
Dumbo 70th Anniversary Blu-ray has a trailer and a release date: September 20th (Updated)
Star Wars Blu-ray details to be revealed May 4th

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