For whatever reason, there are a few solid free apps available on the App Store today. First up, Spirits, the excellent and artsy Lemmings-style platformer, is free for download on both the iPhone and the iPad. Supermarket Mania 2, the supermarket-based time management game, is also free for a limited time. Rat on a Skateboard has gone completely free after a recent update, and stick figure tower defense app Tesla Wars has also decided go for the low, low price of zero dollars (while adding some in-app purchases). All excellent apps -- pick them up for free if you haven't yet.

Elsewhere on the store, there are a few big releases that are not free. Backflip Studios has released its long-awaited Evil Dead game: Army of Darkness Defense uses clips and characters from the great Bruce Campbell movie in a sort of reverse tower defense game, and it's only a buck for a limited time. And Sega has released Golden Axe 3 on the App Store for $2.99 -- not only is the fantasy hack-and-slash sequel finally available, but this also means Sega has run out of old-school Golden Axe sequels to release on iOS. Maybe this means we can get an original Golden Axe game for the platform?

This article was originally published on Tuaw.
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