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All Witcher 2 DLC to be free, including launch day 'Troll Trouble' quest

Though we're sure CD Projekt has a nice, beefy amount of adventure in store for players picking up this week's The Witcher 2, a recent Q&A hosted on GameStop's Facebook page has got us hopeful for the title's longevity. In response to a fan's question about planned DLC, a CD Projekt spokesperson wrote, "Let me announce that all our DLCs will be FREE. All of them. If anything will be for purchase, those will be expansion packs."

The distinction between DLC and expansion packs is awfully fuzzy, but this policy doesn't sound like just talk. CD Projekt added that the game's first DLC side-quest, "Troll Trouble," will arrive as part of the title's launch tomorrow, and will cost you zero dollars. That's our very favorite amount of dollars to pay for things.

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