So what if Apple might be suing your company for millions and billions of dollars? You're Cher Wang and Cher Wang shops wherever she damn well pleases. HTC's co-founder and Chairwoman was recently photographed taking a leisurely gander at Apple's wares, with husband Wen-Chi Chen -- who just happens to be CEO of VIA Technologies -- tagging along as well. The Palo Alto Geniuses look to have been their usual friendly selves, though their failure to put an iPhone in Mrs. Wang's hands qualifies as a major missed opportunity in our eyes.

Thomas: "In Taiwan, iPhone means horse."
Josh F.: "Go ahead, cuff me if you can."
Dana: "A stylus! You know. You hold it like this."
Vlad: "Cher Wang thought impersonating a zombie would help her blend in with the Apple Store patrons. As we can tell from the unperturbed employees, she was right."
Brad: "If you can guess which hand the candy's in, you win!"
Terrence: "...and this is my trusty servant Patsy."
Amar: "I'm sorry, Mrs. Wang, we're all out of dirtbikes."