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Tokyoflash resurrects readable Rogue watch with combo LCD/LED display (video)


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Tokyoflash is notorious for selling geek-friendly and borderline indecipherable timepieces but, not every watch the company hawks is unreadable. One of its more easily interpreted wrist clocks, the Rogue, has been resurrected with an always-on LCD display (a rarity from the shop) and a brightly colored LED backlight in your choice of red, green, blue, or orange. Like the RPM, the Rogue SR2 tells time with a series of unnumbered, inner and outer rings that represent hours and minutes -- all you need to do is spot the gaps. Sure, it requires you fire a few more synapses than that cheap digital Casio you've been wearing, but think of it as mental exercise -- it's like wearing Brain Age on your wrist. You can order one now for $179 at the source, and don't forget to head after the break for one more photo and a video demonstration.

Rogue SR2

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